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Systematic Reviews Solutions
Systematic Reviews Solutions employs experts in writing systematic reviews both nationally and internationally.  We are one of the biggest companies in China to provide professional consultations in systematic reviewing.  We offer domestic high quality training and consultation to both the inexperienced reviewer and busy professional people at home and abroad. 
We have access to some of the most accomplished teaching teams in the world and pride ourselves on our cutting edge resources in teaching.  We hold regular training courses in China every year.  During the training, delegates engage with the basic concepts and methods of systematic reviewing.   Upon completion of training they are equipped to complete or update a systematic review and critically appraise published systematic reviews.
The Systematic Reviews Solutions team of experts is drawn from professional groups such as information specialists, statisticians, research methodologists, clinical doctors and editors of academic journals. They are able to pass their knowledge to you, the client, and offer expert consultation services to busy professional people both at home and abroad.
The ethos of Systematic Reviews Solutions is to share knowledge, promote academic exchange and collaborate in evidence-based research and knowledge of systematic reviewing.  Systematic Reviews Solutions aims to engage with the practice of evidence-based medicine in China and promote its more rapid development.
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