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We currently do not have any workshops planned in Europe or Malaysia. Workshops on systematic reviews, clinical research design and medical statistics are available in Shanghai and Beijing. Please refer to the Chinese version of our website (if you are a Chinese speaker) or email us for more information.

 Previous workshops hosted by SRS:

Date Workshop Title Location Key Speaker
May 2018 The Heidelberg Systematic Review Course Heidelberg Professor Stefan Leucht
November 2017 The Warsaw Systematic Review Course Warsaw Professor Clive Adams
December 2016 Network Meta-analysis Workshop Beijing Professor Andrea Cipriani and Professor Toshi Furukawa
November 2016 Diagnostic Test Accuracy Review Workshop Beijing Professor Jon Deeks
August  2016 Systematic Review Workshop and GRADE Taiyuan Professor Clive Adams
May 2016 Diagnostic Test Accuracy Review Workshop Beijing Professor Mohammed Toseef Ansari
April 2016 Clinical Trials Design and Management Shanghai Professor Lawrence Mbuagbaw
January 2016 Systematic Review Workshop Nanjing Professor Mohammed Toseef Ansari
May 2015 GRADE for Clinical Guideline Shanghai Professor Holger Schunemann
April 2015 Systematic Review Workshop Hangzhou Professor Maritta Valimaki
March 2015 Network Meta-analysis Workshop Shanghai Professor Fujian Song
November 2014 Systematic Review Workshop Beijing Professor Phil Wiffen
March 2014 Systematic Review Workshop Shanghai Professor Xin Sun

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