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Guideline Development

Based on the principles of evidence-based medicine, Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs) are statements that make actionable recommendations with a view to optimise patient care. CPGs involve a technical aspect of systematically synthesizing the best available evidence and a social aspect of translating evidence into recommendations that address the care of patients from an individual or societal perspective. CPG development is a multi-disciplinary process involving patients or their representatives, healthcare professionals, research methodologists, and members of the public. The social aspect of guideline development is based on the principle of participatory democracy. CPG development is time and resource intensive, requiring much effort in the planning and training phase of guideline development. The process of guideline development is overseen by guideline development methodologists.

SRS has the capacity to provide methodological support for guideline development. We have expertise in:
• stakeholder engagement
• management of conflicts of interest
• guideline topic refinement
• systematic review of the literature
• the GRADE evidence-to-decisions framework
• organising guideline development group meetings
• drafting clear unambiguous and actionable recommendations

SRS methodologists have participated in the WHO’s guideline development and guideline development methods initiatives. We have also previously participated in the Guidelines International Network and Performance Measures Working Group’s reporting standards project.

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