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Statistical analysis is a key component in any type of study design either qualitative or quantitative. We provide a range of biostatistical services.*

Clinical Trials:

• sample size determination
• CRF reviewing
• randomisation/allocation concealment
• statistical analysis plan (mock-ups tables, listings and graphs)
• statistical analysis reporting


• sample size determination
• statistical analysis (logistics regression; GLM; GEE. etc.)

Your statistical needs may vary; sometimes you just need to meet briefly with an expert to make sure you are on track, other times you may need continuous support for a larger, long-term project. To meet these diverse needs, we offer one-off consultancy sessions, ‘statistical clinic’ (on- or off-site), and long-term consistent support.

Service Type Target Audience Billing
One-off consultancy Anyone who requires a brief meeting with a statistician to seek clarification on the use of statistical concepts, methods and design to ensure their project is on the right track. One-off
Statistical clinic Suitable if you require more in-depth explanation/guidance on the statistical aspects of a project. Hourly rate
Project statistician Ideal if require continuous statistical input over an extended period of time, e.g. for an ongoing clinical trial or complex meta-analysis. Hourly or project rate

*We shall add more and specific statistical analysis techniques to our portfolio in the near future. If the specific type of statistical analysis you require is not listed above, please contact us for further information.

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